• Who we are:

    Kaja created Krümel in April 2021 to bring cookies to Stockholm.

    The lack of great cookies, paired with Swedish people’s love for sweets, made her develop a unique range of delicious and special cookies.

    Krümel means crumb in German, and for us stands for enjoying and sharing something special.

  • What we care about:

    You & Your love for Cookies -Kaja has been creating recipes for over 10 years now and lived in cities like Paris, London and New York. She has her favourite cookie spots in each of the cities and knows how a good cookie should taste and what customers expect. Krümel brings all this to Stockholm and to you.

    Quality & Sustainability -Krümel stands for great quality cookies, made from the best, mostly local ingredients. We use Swedish wheat and ancient grains, butter and eggs. The unique taste of the cookies comes from the Höganäs & Xoco chocolate, delicate Maldon sea salt flakes, and the most flavourful vanilla.

  • Why try our cookies:

    The Twist - All of Krümel’s cookies have something special about them. Be it a hint of spelt or rye flour in the dough, a filling of white chocolate or luxurious vanilla custard, or the taste of toasted black and white sesame. Our cookies are not your usual cookies.

    It’s a Match - At Krümel, everyone will find the one. We have something for every taste and every occasion. Bring a cookie to your date, next Friday’s dinner party, eat it in the park, by the water, or treat your colleagues and friends!

About the founder, Kaja

Hi! I’m Kaja, passionate cookie developer, food-addict and baker.

I’ve lived in Stockholm for one and a half years now, and realised that there is not a single cookie shop in the city. Why? For me cookies are the best in-between snack, a perfectly sized dessert, and great Fika (coffee break) company.

A cookie has the right size and shape to be shared with a friend, and at the same time it’s also fine if you eat it alone. They’re delicious with a crispy surface and a gooey middle, but also if they’re all buttery and a bit thicker. Cookies can be ‘simple’ with just chocolate chips, but I love to take them a level higher. I do this, by using only the best ingredients that I would want to see in the cookies I buy for myself. Then, I pair them with something fun, like black sesame paste, orange blossom water, tahini or miso.

I moved to Stockholm in August 2019, after quitting my public affairs job in Brussels. I’ve always been a passionate baker and food creative, and so I turned my passion into a job. I started giving online and in person cooking classes, and my occasional work as a food journalist and recipe developer became a full-time activity. I also did an internship at Skeppsbro Bageri, one of my favourite Stockholm bakeries, and later launched my own sourdough bread baking classes.

After trying different ingredients and flavours from around the world, I now want to bring these different flavours to you; as a beautiful cookie, neatly fitted into a box.