Different Cookies, Different Experiences

We spent a lot of time on creating our range of unique cookies that you’ll absolutely love. None is like the other, they all have different twists to them. Some are more classic, some are for the curious ones among you. What we promise is that they’re all delicious, handmade, hand rolled, and packed with care. Only the best ingredients make it into the cookie dough. Xoco chocolate, Höganäs choklad, Maldon sea salt, and Swedish eggs, butter and flour.

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The story behind Stockholm's first Cookie Shop

Kaja founded Krümel - Cookies & Crumbs to bring high quality Cookies to Stockholm. In 2021 she started to bake in her own kitchen, delivering Cookie boxes all around Stockholm and Sweden. In 2022 the first Krümel Shop opened, and in the beginning of 2024 the doors to the second shop will open in Sweden's capital.

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