Where are you located?

We have two shops! The first Cookie Shop is located in Östermalm on Valhallavägen 53. Our new Cookie Shop is located on Södermalm on Renstiernas Gata 20.

How do I order the cookies & how do I get them?

For delivery within Stockholm and same-day please order through For all Sweden-wide orders you can order through the webshop. Deliveries are sent with PostNord every Monday and arrive after 1-3 working days. For delivery questions or questions related to delays please contact PostNord, and check for updates in your PostNord app. We only deliver within Sweden, not internationally.

What if I have an allergy?

Even though we are careful with cleaning machines after using dairy, flour and nuts, we bake all our cookies with the same machines in the same kitchen. This means they all can come in contact with eggs, dairy, wheat and nuts. The kitchen is not allergy certified. The No Crumb No Cry is made with gluten-free ingredients. The Green Crumb is made from vegan ingredients.

Do you serve coffee?

Yes, we have great coffee made from The Barn beans roasted in Berlin. We have all coffee drinks you can imagine, Matcha Latte, Hojicha Latte, Kombucha and more.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, please! We love dogs :)

Can I sit at the shop to have a fika?

Yes, at the Östermalm Shop there's around 8 seats, at the Södermalm Shop we can accomodate up to 14 people. On weekends it can get crowded so we recommend to come early. During the week peak hours are usually around 3-4pm, but usually there's always space to sit with possible waiting times of 5-10 minutes.


Cookie Care:

How do I store the Cookies best & how long do they last?

Kept in an airtight container the cookies should last for a couple of days.

Do reheat. To make the inside nice and gooey again, bake the cookies at 180°C oven setting or at 160°C fan setting for 2-3 minutes.

Do freeze. To keep them for even a bit longer: freeze them! When you defrost them, pop them into a preheated oven at 180°C oven setting or at 160°C fan setting for 5-7 minutes to make them nice and crunchy again.

Don’t cool or quick reheat. Fridge will make your cookies hard, microwaving too soft.

Other questions? Comments? Ideas?

Ask us anything! Just write an email to, and you’ll get an answer withing 24 hours.